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Bright Acid Copper (Dye type)

MAR COPPER PRO 200-BD produces exceptionally bright, ductile deposits with low internal stress which is necessary for successful plating on plastic and on a variety of base metals.The best leveling acid copper is available at all normal current density ranges. This copper smoothes out rough surfaces for subsequent nickel/chrome plating. It has very good brightness and coverage in the low current density areas. The plated deposit can be easily buffed when required.

The MAR COPPER PRO 200-BD contains dye-type materials which can cause staining of the plated surfaces and possibly loss of adhesion on subsequent plates. It is recommended to use a 5 % BV Sulphuric Acid rinse prior to subsequent plating.

This system has excellent bath stability which minimizes start-up problems eliminating the need for major adjustments after idle periods or weekend shut-downs. The Copper Pro 200-BD baths can be maintained using a single additive which eliminates the need for exact measuring of components. In rare cases, where necessary, the maintenance and auxiliary components for the MAR COPPER PRO 200 system can be mixed.

There are no harmful breakdown products produced in this system which eliminates frequent carbon treatment. The bath is tolerant of variations in working conditions and impurities lending to ease of operation and process control.The plating solution is very tolerant of additive overload as long as the balance is maintained. The Copper Pro 200 can operate at 90-100°F reducing the expense of cooling.

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