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Welcome to MAR-Tech Holdings Poland

MAR-Tech Holdings is a company that has distinguished itself in the Metal Finishing Industry. We are focused on providing this industry with specific products which contribute to the Functional and Decorative performance of many end users.

MAR-Tech Holdings will strive to bring quality chemical processes to the market. These processes include such systems as Hard Chrome, Electroless Nickel, Alkaline Non Cyanide products, Metal Cleaners, Decorative processes and Plating Tapes.


MAR CHROME PRO HC-21 is a specially formulated High Speed Fluoride Chromium electroplating process which is a custom blend of the secondary fluoride type of catalyst with Chromic Acid. This high-speed capability is a function of the chemistry design, which allows higher current efficiencies over a large catalyst range. The system has the capability of processing at much higher current efficiencies as compared to conventional Chromic Acid systems. The increase in the constant deposition rate is a result of the consistent current efficiency.


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ZINC PRO ZN/NI 100 PROCESS zinc-nickel alkaline system is, ammonia-free and cyanide-free process. This low metal alloy bath produces a deposit with superior corrosion protection properties. Our unique alkaline process produces a high nickel alloy (12-16%) with excellent throwing power und uniform alloy deposition across a wide range of current densities. In addition, ZINC PRO ZN/NI 100 PROCESS offers the unique advantage of accepting clear, iridescent and superior black (non-silver) chromate coatings.

NOTE: To optimize the ZN NI 100 Process, the user must have access to X-ray fluorescence to check thickness and percent of nickel in the plated deposit. AA (Atomic Absorption) is required to determine the amount of nickel in the solution.

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